Speedy Racing - Team Sebah set the tone for the season: the Swiss team is entering and aiming for victory! When have a look at the drivers line-up, you have no doubt that the team will be one of the favourites, after an exceptional 2008 season. Actually, the team has been the only one to challenge the Porsche RS Spyder, even though it was their first season in the Prototypes category.

Some weeks ago, we could announce that the team --founded by Alexandre Pesci and Michel Darbellay- had entered two prototypes for this year: a Lola Coupe B08/60 Aston Martin in LMP1 and a Lola Coupe B08/80 Judd in LMP2. We now know who the drivers will be during the whole season.


A cosmopolitan trio in LMP1 on the Lola Aston Martin with:

- Andrea Belicchi -- the Italian, a team and Le Mans Series regular, won the 1000 Km of the Nurburgring in GT2 in 2006;

- Marcel Fassler -- the Swiss, a former DTM as well as an Endurance driver under Oreca's banner, Swiss Spirit but also defended Audi's colours;

- Nicolas Prost -- the French and youngest driver of the team, Euro F3000 champion in 2008 and 10th of the 2007 24 Hours of Le Mans at team Oreca's Saleen wheel in GT1;


Some quick and Endurance regular drivers on the Lola Judd with:

- Xavier Pompidou -- the French man, already driving a LMP2 in 2008, won the Le Mans Series driver's title in 2005, two titles with Sebah in 2004 and 2005 and has a huge experience of Le Mans (second LMP1 in 1998)

- Jonny Kane -- the British was part of the Embassy Racing squad in 2008, but he knows the Speedy Racing team very well as he drove for them in 2007 in LM GT2. Jonny won the British Formula 3 championship in 1997 and was test driver for Arrows in 2001. He took the Le Mans 24 Hours start 5 times.

- Benjamin Leuenberger -- the Swiss man was a Speedy Racing Team driver in 2008 on the Spyker C8 Laviolette (GT2) with strong results at Monza and Spa meetings. Benjamin has a strong experience of prototypes in ALMS and Grand Am and is building up a big carrier in Europe on GT cars in Le Mans Series. He took the Le Mans 24 Hours start three times.

-credit: lemans-series.com