The signs bode well for the 2007 season: in putting the new website on line today, the Le Mans Series launches its fourth season with a theme of novelty.

A new website but above all a new calendar, with a first for the Series : a sixth race, to be held in Brazil at the Interlagos circuit.

You can now find all the details of the upcoming season on our website, which has also become a great means of direct communication with the competitors. They will have unique access to an area entirely dedicated to them, in the heart of which all the useful information can be found. It is being put on line today (further details in paragraph 3).

A Sixth Act for the 2007 show!

From the 1000 Kilometres in Europe to the 1000 Miles in Brazil, there remains one-- ocean to cross for the final event of next year's Le Mans Series : so, destination Brazil and the Interlagos circuit in November 2007 for the Le Mans Series competitors !

A novetly in the bucket seats !

Another novelty for 2007: from now onwards, it will be possible for the teams to install a second bucket seat in their cars. This measure will delight all the teams involved as it will allow them to share their passion for motorsport in the most thrilling manner.

Furthermore, in welcoming the possibility to do track laps with sponsors, journalists or VIPs on the Saturday of each of the six race week ends, the competitors and the organisers will have the oppurtunity to give them an unforgettable week end with this track experience.

The competitors are in VIP on the net !

Competitors in the Le Mans series come from throughout the world, but the strength of the Le Mans Series has always been the closeness of the teams with the organisers of the series.

In reserving them a special area on the website, we will give them not only the chance to instantly see the latest news, but also to download important documents. Entry forms, Sporting and Technical regulations, entry lists-- they are now at their disposal 7 days a week, 24 hours a day !


Saturday 9 December
Automobile Club of France -- Place de la Concorde -- Paris

Paris will always be Paris, and the Place de la Concorde is one of the magical places which makes both visitors and native Parisians dream, and it always will.

In black tie, the 250 guests of the Le Mans Series attended the 2006 season Prize Giving Ceremony, in the heart of the prestigious Automobile Club of France.

The 2007 season: a reminder of the complete calendar

It is now official: the 2007 season will be made up of 6 races instead of 5 for the first time in its history.

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