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andy priaulx Wittmann finished strongly
Green was disappointed to finish 15th
Mega Close up of Farfus' BMW Dirk Werner
Juncadella accellerating downhill Andy Priaulx's splitter scrapes the curbs on Paddock Hill bend
Wickens finished on the podium after Paffett's penalty Braking for Graham Hill bend
Newboy Juncadella storming up Hailwood Hill Tomczyk coming out of Druids
Racing was still close toward the end of the race Ekstrom is chased down
2012 Champion Spengler's matt black BMW Timo Glock and Gary Paffett (white cap)
Race winner Rockenfeller was faultless An exciting race for both Paffett and Glock
Great battle between Paffett and Tomczyk on Paddock Hill Photo caption
Augusto Farfus' car on the grid Joey Hand finished a strong 5th
Mortara approaching Druids Tambay's Iron Man 3 car
Priaulx chasing Werner Timo Glock's second race in a DTM car
DTM Jamie Green
DTM Pascal Wehrleins slicks waiting to be put on
Timo Glocks car on the grid Susie Wolf
Photo caption DTM
Photo caption DTM
DTM Racing at close quarters
Photo caption DTM
Photo caption Photo caption