Qualifying session

For the first time in season '95 Alessandro Nannini succeeded in being the fastest in a timed practice session. But not only Nannini, but all the Alfa Romeos seem to be back to form, with five cars amongst the top six, split only by Mercedes youngster Sandy Grau in third position. But Sandy Grau was not only the fastest Mercedes, but also the man, who lost lots of oil shortly after his fast lap and so caused a session break. Although the track was cleaned after this incident, only one man succeeded in entering the Top 15 afterwards: Manuel Reuter performed a real Harakiri lap and conquered 14th position.

7 - Alessandro Nannini "This was quite a good lap", said the Italian with a happy smile on his face. "But this can't have been the limit, as I never reach my personal limits in the morning. So, I think there is more to come this afternoon."

18 - Stefano Modena The Euroteam pilot was second fastest and satisfied but not happy: "It's a pity, that I had a gearbox problem on the finish straight. It took me a long time to change from fourth to fifth gear, otherwise the provisional pole might have been possible. But the car is very competitive, so I'm confident for the rest of the weekend."

5 - Alexander Grau "The lap was good and so was the set-up of my car. Then I heard a funny noise which sounded, as if the car was loosing the undertray. But the car was still running okay, so I decided to finish the lap. If I had known, that I was loosing oil, I had left the ideal line at once."

26 - Giancarlo Fisichella The Alfa youngster conqered fourth position and seemed to be very satisfied: "As you can tell, I like here. It was a fast lap, but not my limit. No predictions for this afternoon, but I hope for a Top five placement and would be totally happy with a starting position in the first row of the grid."

19 - Michael Bartels The double winner from Diepholz drove his first qualifying with the sequential gearbox and had mixed feelings after the session: "Okay, the fifth time is not so bad. But I'm still not accustomed to the new gearbox, which I couldn't test at all before this weekend. So, if I had the choice again, I'd choose my good old mechanical gearbox. Although I'm sure that you can be faster with the sequential one if you are accustomed to it. And it's much more difficult to destroy an engine with this kind of gearbox."

30 - Gabriele Tarquini "I didn't expect myself, that I would become accustomed to a Class 1 Alfa so quickly. And not only this. The track is brandnew to me and it's the first weekend that I'm driving a step 2 Alfa. So I'm more than pleased with my performance in this session. Especially regarding, that I was only six 100th of a second slower than the second fastest."

6 - Kurt Thiim "I missed the braking point in the last corner in front of the hairpin. This cost me at least four 10ths of a second. Nevertheless I'm rather satisfied, for it means I could have been much faster and my car is really competitive."

15 - Dario Franchitti "This was just a safety lap, I didn't risk too much. But it was fast enough to enter the Top Fifteen, and that's all I wanted to achieve."

14 - Bernd Schneider "I gave it my all, but with all the weight in the car I wasn't fast enough. So I went out after the break to guarantee that I would stay amongst the Top Fifteen. But fortunately all the others were not fast enough to edge me out of my position."

1 - Klaus Ludwig The reigning champion, fastest in yesterday's free practice session, was only 13th today but took it with a smile. "I didn't want to be faster because I need the excitement. I Also knew, somebody would go out and put some oil on the track."

9 - Manuel Reuter The Le Mans winner hadn't been out before the break and had to risk all afterwards to enter the Top Fifteen. "There was an enormous pressure, but I knew, I would make it. For I always think positive. It was a lap on a knife's edge but it turned out to be successful although I there was a slight contact with the wall."