Race: 5 and 6 weather: rain and fog spectators: 50000

top 10 grid: 1. Bernd Schneider Mercedes 2. Keke Rosberg Opel Calibra 3. Joerg van Ommen Mercedes 4. Klaus Ludwig Mercedes 5. Kurt Thiim Mercedes 6. Manuel Reuter Opel Calibra 7. Nicola Larini Alfa 8. Alessandro Nannini Alfa 9. Ellen Lohr Mercedes 10.Christian Danner Alfa 10.Roland Asch Mercedes

race 5 23 laps

Klaus Ludwig has the best start and leads Keke Rosberg, Bernd Schneider, Reuter, v.Ommen, Danner. Nannini spins in lap 2 and drops back a few places. Ludwig leads with 5 seconds. Rosberg spins in 2nd place and stalls in the pits later. He reported having problems with his breaks from the start on. Schneider out in lap 6. (engine) Ludwig now leading 9 seconds Reuter, Danner, v.Ommen, Asch, Nissen. Danner takes Reuters position by hitting his car. After half distance Ludwig, Danner, v.Ommen, Reuter, Nissen,Larini, Nannini, Francia, Thiim, Lohr. Reuter dropping back 2 more places. Nanninis whiper twisting around, rubber in front. I suppose he can see nothing for the rest of the race. finish: 1. Ludwig 2. Danner 3. van Ommen 4. Larini 5. Nissen 6. Reuter 7. Nannini 8. Francia 9. Thiim 10.Lohr

race 6 start delayed because of fog

Keke has to start from last row, Schneider out of the pit lane. Ludwig takes the lead then Danner, v.Ommen, Larini with a superb start, Nissen, Francia, Asch. Danner attacking Ludwig. Asch spins in 1st lap, but he is right back on the track. Larini attacking Danner who now lost 1 second on Ludwig. lap 4: Ludwig, Danner, Larini, Ommen, Nissen. lap 5: Larini wins the fight for 2nd position over Danner. This gives Ludwig 2 seconds. Keke seems to have problems again, he dropped back 2 laps. Nannini spins in lap 7 and drops back from 6 to 8. Larini now did the fastest lap and is now right behind Ludwig. Schneider who had started out of pit lane, is in 11th position after 9 laps. Larini is waiting at Ludwigs rear for his chance and makes it. Reuter out in lap 11 with technical problems. after 12 laps: Larini, Ludwig, Danner, v.Ommen,Nissen, Asch, Francia,Nannini, Schneider, Lohr and Thiim. lap 13: Larini 2.8 sec. --> Ludwig, who opens the door for Danner in lap 15. The safety car is on track now. Stig Amthor has spun and stalled in the gravel right beside "Castrol-S". lap 18: green flag, Larini, Danner, Ludwig, v.Ommen,Nissen, Asch, Francia, Nannini, Schneider, Lohr, Thiim. lap 20: Nissen and v.Ommen having breathtaking fights for 4th position. This brings Ludwig a safe 3rd place in lap 22. Schneider spins in 9th place, Nannini is 7th now. finish: 1. Larini 2. Danner 3. Ludwig 4. Nissen 5. van Ommen 6. Asch 7. Nannini 8. Francia 9. Lohr 10.Thiim

top 6 standings after 6 events: 1. Nannini 78 2. van Ommen 55 3. Ludwig 54 4. Danner 47 5. Larini 45 6. Thiim 44

Next event in 2 weeks at Mugello Italy (no points) Probably Danny Sullivan will drive on Alfa there.