The race was Thursday, sorry for the delay. I was at Nurburgring until Monday. weather: cold, rain spectators: 58000

short GP Track 3 km 34 laps

top 15 qualifying: 1. Kurt Thiim Mercedes 2. Bernd Schneider Mercedes 3. Joerg van Ommen Mercedes 4. Nicola Larini Alfa 5. Keke Rosberg Opel 6. Klaus Ludwig Mercedes 7. Roland Asch Mercedes 8. Kris Nissen Alfa 9. Manuel Reuter Opel 10.Alessandro Nannini Alfa 11.Ellen Lohr Mercedes 12.Christian Danner Alfa 13.Giorgio Francia Alfa 14.Stefano Buttiero Alfa 15."John Winter" Opel

race 1:

1. Nannini 2. Ludwig 3. Schneider 4. Danner 5. Nissen 6. Asch 7. Francia 8. Reuter 9. Rosberg 10.van Ommen

Larini takes the lead from Thiim in 4th lap. Schneider spun in 1. lap and drops back to 20. Nannini with a fantastic race in 3rd position now. Thiim and Nannini fighting very hard for 2. place. Nannini takes it. Then Thiim again, and once more Nannini. lap 10: Larini spins and stalls in pit. Nannini leads Tiim, Danner, Asch, van Ommen. The rain has stopped, sun is coming out. Tyre changes for all. lap 14: Nannini, Danner, Thiim, van Ommen, Francia, Asch, Ludwig lap 15: Asch spins but keeps on track. after 21 laps: Nannini 10 seconds--->Ludwig, Danner, Schneider, van Ommen, Francia, Asch Schneider did fastest lap (22.) Thiim drops back after pit stop. lap 30: Schneider takes 2. from Ludwig. 2 laps to go: Nannini, Schneider, Ludwig, Danner, Nissen. Ludwig takes back 2. place in last lap.

race 2: 1. Ludwig 2. van Ommen 3. Nissen 4. Asch 5. Reuter 6. Thiim 7. Nannini 8. Danner 9. Francia 10.Winter

Ludwig with the best start leading Schneider, Nannini, Nissen, Danner, Rosberg. Nannini drops back with problems in 3. lap. Rosberg in 3. place now, tearing the spectatoes from their seats again like 4 weeks ago at Hockenheim. Larini out, he was hit while overlapping. lap 6: Schneider, Ludwig, Rosberg, Asch, van Ommen, Nissen, Reuter, Danner 9.: Miss Elly stalls. The inside of the car is full of smoke. 12.: Nannini dropped back to 11. Keke Rosberg attacking Ludwig for 2nd position. lap 16: Schneider leads Ludwig with 3 seconds. 18.: While Ludwig is overlapping a slower competitor, Rosberg takes his chance and passes for 2. 21.: Schneider 2 seconds---> Rosberg, Ludwig, van Ommen, Nissen, Reuter, Asch, Danner, Thiim. 23.: Schneider 0.66 sec.---> Rosberg 1.5 sec.---> Ludwig 6 laps to go: Giudici is sleeping in his Alfa as Schneider and Rosberg are trying to pass him. Giudici hits Schneider. Schneider touching Rosberg while spinning out. Rosberg takes the lead for 150 meters and stalls in the grass. Keke gets out of the car and drumming with his fists on the roof of his Calibra. His head is scarlet red. Ludwig makes his 27th DTM win.

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