Breath-taking qualifying in the Eifel: after six lead changes, Mercedes- star Schneider clearly ahead of Opel-ace Alzen.

Nurburgring. One hour of excitment: that was the qualifying session for the fifth round of the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) at the 4.556 km long Grand Prix track of the Nurburgring. Altogether, five DTM-drivers experienced the joy of having provisional pole position: Opel-drivers Uwe Alzen, Michael Bartels, Eric Helary and Stefano Modena - as well as Bernd Schneider. Towards the end of the session, Bernd Schneider (D2 AMG Mercedes) and Uwe Alzen (Opel Team Phoenix) battled for the fastest time of the day and with an advantage of 0.344 seconds, championship leader Bernd Schneider clearly decided the matter in his favor.

<pre> Results qualifying:

Pos     Driver                  Car                     Time
1       Bernd Schneider (D)     Mercedes-Benz CLK       1:39.008
2       Uwe Alzen (D)           Opel V8 Coupe           1:39.352
3       Peter Dumbreck (GB)     Mercedes-Benz CLK       1:39.648
4       Manuel Reuter (D)       Opel V8 Coupe           1:39.749
5       Christian Menzel (D)    Opel V8 Coupe           1:39.759
6       Klaus Ludwig (D)        Mercedes-Benz CLK       1:39.767
7       Michael Bartels (D)     Opel V8 Coupe           1:39.794
8       Eric Helary (F)         Opel V8 Coupe           1:39.823
9       Stefano Modena (I)      Opel V8 Coupe           1:39.833
10      Marcel Tiemann (D)      Mercedes-Benz CLK       1:39.872
11      Marcel Fässler (CH)     Mercedes-Benz CLK       1:39.926
12      Joachim Winkelhock (D)  Opel V8 Coupe           1:39.977
13      Timo Scheider (D)       Opel V8 Coupe           1:40.028
14      Darren Turner (GB)      Mercedes-Benz CLK       1:40.168
15      Pedro Lamy (P)          Mercedes-Benz CLK       1:40.203
16      Thomas Jäger (D)        Mercedes-Benz CLK       1:40.326
17      Laurent Aiello (F)      Audi TT-R               1:41.767
18      Kris Nissen (DK)        Audi TT-R               1:42.524
19      Christian Abt (D)       Audi TT-R               1:43.401
20      James Thompson (GB)     Audi TT-R               1:44.709

</pre> Harald Bloche -