Qualifying session

A slightly surprised Manuel Reuter was the fastest man of the session, while Alessandro Nannini, Alfa's fastest of the morning sessions - ended up in disappointment, when he was struck by a gearbox problem just when he wanted to start his fast lap. Second fastest was Dario Franchitti, just nine 100th of a second faster than his team mate Bernd Schneider in third position.

9 - Manuel Reuter "Astonishing! Although I couldn't test the things I wanted to in the second free practice session, I'm fastest now. The guys did a great job and solved my gearbox problems and everything worked, as it should. Now let's wait and see what will happen tomorrow."

14 - Bernd Schneider "On the one hand I should be rather happy to have achieved this position with all the handicap weight in my car. On the other hand I must admit, that Dario was faster than me with nearly the same weight aboard. But he had the possibility to put the weight where he wanted to, while I got the race cam in my car. So probably the ZDF are to blame for the delay", the DTM leader said grinning.

4 - Jan Magnussen The young Mercedes pilot was more than happy with his fourth position. "I would have been quite content with this time, even if I hadn't had a problem, as I really don't know the "Ring" so well. But my power steering didn't work, which cost me something about five 10ths of a second. So I'm more than only satisfied."

6 - Kurt Thiim With his fifth position the Mercedes driver - fastest in all the two morning sessions - didn't quite achieve the result he had hoped for. Nevertheless he felt optimistic and said: "I had some stress in the Ford corner, as Christian Danner, who was driving directly in front of me, put a lot of gravel on the track. But I think that I'll be faster tomorrow, when I'll be alone on the track."

8 - Nicola Larini The champion of 1993 was the fastest Alfa driver of the session in 6th position. Larini: "After the gearbox problems in the morning there weren't any problems during the qualifying. Now its time to find a good set-up for Top Qualifying."

26 - Giancarlo Fisichella "The car ran absolutely fantastic, but I made a mistake in my fast lap. May be this was caused by the fact, that I couldn't do many laps here on Nurburgring up to now. But there's nothing else to complain about."

9 - Michael Bartels "This was just a safe lap, I didn't go to the limit. My car still isn't as competitive as I'd like it to be, but after we had changed the engine it worked better than before."

1 - Klaus Ludwig "This lap wasn't good or bad. I made a mistake in the fast uphill combination which cost me some time. May be, the tyres didn't reach their working temperature in the information lap. But now to something completely different: I'm really impressed by Bernd Schneiders lap with all his additional weight in his car."

10 - Yannick Dalmas The French driver was really frustrated after qualifying although he had reached the Top 15: "I don't understand, why the car is slower in the afternoon, than it was in the morning", he murmured time after time, "I just don't understand it."

20 - JJ Lehto The young Fin was quite content with his 15th position after the morning sessions hadn't been too succesful for him. Lehto: "It really helped that I could do my fast lap directly behind Klaus Ludwig. I wouldn't have found the line so fast without him."