top 15 qualifying: 1. Kurt Thiim Zakspeed Mercedes 2. Alessandro Nannini Alfa Corse 3. Joerg van Ommen Zakspeed Mercedes 4. Nicola Larini Alfa Corse 5. Klaus Ludwig AMG Mercedes 6. Bernd Schneider AMG Mercedes 7. Kris Nissen Schuebel Alfa 8. Manuel Reuter Joest Opel Calibra 9. Christian Danner Schuebel Alfa 10.Roland Asch AMG Mercedes 11.Keke Rosberg Joest Opel Calibra 12.Giorgio Francia Schuebel Alfa 13.Ellen Lohr AMG Mercedes 14.Dany Sullivan Alfa Corse 15.Michael Bartels Schuebel Alfa

race1: 1. Thiim 2. van Ommen 3. Danner 4. Larini 5. Schneider 6. Francia 7. Asch 8. Ludwig 9. Bartels 10.Sullivan

Thiim wins with 10 seconds in Front of van Ommen. Larini crossing the finish line with a flat tyre. Nannini puncture in lap 17 of 19. lap7: Reuter kicked out by Nissen lap10: Nissen out (gearbox) lap13: Rosberg puncture in 8th position.

race2: 1. van Ommen 2. Asch 3. Nissen 4. Schneider 5. Sullivan 6. Engstler (BMW) 7. Winter (Opel) 8. Bartels 9. Grau (Mercedes '93) 10.Amthor (Mercedes '93)

v.Ommen leads the whole race and wins with 17 seconds. Danner spins in 1st lap an is lucky not to be hit by anyone. lap8: Thiim suddenly spins on a straight part of the circuit because his in-car fire extinguisher was "exploding".(2nd pos.) lap9: Bartels hits Ellen Lohr and both spin out. Reuter slowing down with a flat tyre. (all punctures in 1st and 2n race were in front left. There are 6 left and 9 right bends at Mugello.) 11. Rosberg out (engine), and Reuter out (gearbox?). 15. Larini puncture in 2nd pos. 16. Nannini on the grass and out (puncture) 17. Ludwig out with broken windscreen.

Next: June 2. (Thursday) Nurburgring short GP track instead of Nordschleife.