ITR Chairman Hans Werner Aufrecht made the following statement regarding today's press release by General Motors' concerning the DTM:

"It is with regret that the ITR has learnt of GM's decision that it does not plan for Opel to participate in the DTM programme for 2006. GM's decision is simultaneously a demand to develop the DTM with even more commitment and to further consolidate it as the best presentational platform for production car sports. The series will remain in place - even after 2005."

"Whoever witnessed this year's finale in Hockenheim knows how immensely popular the DTM is and how well it goes down with its customers, the spectators. Together with the DMSB and the participating manufacturers, ITR will strive to continue expanding its popularity with spectators, to extend its media values for TV and print even further and to encourage other manufacturers into joining the DTM. This racing series' value for money is a paragon for all categories in motorsports."

"The DTM has weathered many a storm and has always come out the stronger. Our partners in the series as well as broadcasting partner ARD are exceedingly loyal to the DTM and its responsibilities, and we therefore especially now want to show that the successful expansion of the DTM will continue in 2005 as well."