As a board member of the ITR, Dr. Thomas Betzler is taking care of the juridical and financial aspects of the DTM. All contracts concerning the DTM are being prepared in his law office in Wiesbaden.

Since 1978, the jurist, who got his degree of doctor, has been working as an attorney and a notary in Wiesbaden. He is looking back upon almost one decade of motorsport experience. To the specialist in sports rights, his duties on behalf of the ITR are great fun. "My heart is with the DTM", he sums up his passion for motorsport in general and the DTM in specific.

At the end of the 1960s, Thomas Betzler was taken to the race track for the first time by a school friend. He enjoyed it right away. In 1968, Betzler started competing himself with a Renault R8 Gordini. "Back then, I combined racing with my study. After the final lecture on Friday, I set off to the race track and on Sunday, I returned early, so that I would be back in the lecture room in time on Monday." Next to racing and his study, Betzler also took car of his sponsors himself.

The now 53-year old from Wiesbaden enjoyed a highlight in 1970 as he became runner-up in circuit racing with a Renault Alpine A110. He was offered a works-contract by Renault that brought Betzler, among others, into Formula 3 for 1971. After a spell at Alfa Romeo and Mercedes, he joined BMW in 1973, driving an Alpina BMW in the German racing championship (DRM), the DTM's predecessor, on countless occasions. In the final years up to 1977, Betzler drove a Ford Escort BDA for Zakspeed alongside Hans Heyer.

At that time, Betzler had to make up his mind. He could either have continued his career as a racing driver or finish his study and get his degree. "I decided in favour of my study. In hindsight, I think it was the right decision." The law and notary office founded by him now includes eight attorneys/notaries and approximately 20 employees. But Betzler's passion for motorsport remained, and this is why he nowadays is putting his effort behind the DTM with so much enthusiasm.