DMSB and ITR increase co-operation in Formula 3 Euro Series

The co-operation between the DTM and its junior partner Formula 3 will be even stronger in the future. As of next season, the marketing rights for the successful junior category, the Formula 3 Euro Series, are with the DTM-organisation ITR. These rights were handed over to the ITR with immediate effect by the two governing bodies for motor sport in Germany and France, the DMSB (Deutscher Motor Sport Bund e.V.) and the FFSA.

Similar to the successful co-operation within the DTM, the DMSB and the FFSA will retain the sporting and calendar authority and will remain responsible for the technical regulations of the Formula 3 Euro Series (F3ES). The ITR is taking care of the organisation, marketing, press and public relations. F3ES.

A new F3ES-commission will support the co-ordination of the activities and the new attribution of responsibilities. The commission includes the FFSA, DMSB and ITR, as well as representatives of the engine manufacturers entered into the series and the F3ES-teams. More than half of all the DTM-drivers have graduated from the ranks of Formula 3, where the likes of Schuey and Co. also achieved their first major successes.

Hermann Tomczyk, DMSB vice president automobile sport:

"After the highly successful debut season of the new Formula 3 Euro Series, it was our goal to provide a safe basis for the series on the long term. As the co-operation with the ITR had already proven to be successful in the DTM, and as the DTM meanwhile has become the most successful European touring car series, it was logical to extend this partnership to the F3Es as well, even more so, because the F3ES will be present during at least seven events together with the DTM in the next years as well."

Hans Werner Aufrecht, Chairman of the ITR:

"We are delighted having agreed upon a stronger co-operation concerning the F3ES. Formula 3 racing is a part of the DTM and the F3ES currently is the most successful and best Formula 3 series from a sporting point of view. With this agreement, we will be using the synergies between the DTM and the F3ES even more and we are convinced and will be doing everything to ensure that this will be done to the benefit of the F3ES, the drivers and the teams."