It was probably the biggest party that the Allgäu region has ever seen: last week-end, some 70,000 visitors followed the invitation by Abt Sportsline and celebrated the 6th Abt Racin Show together with the new DTM-champions in Kempten. The fans experienced fascinating motorsport atmosphere with pit stops and demonstration laps, a huge show programme, autograph sessions and interviews with the DTM-stars and champion Laurent Aiello warming up the crowd on the drums together with the live-band. "We knew that we had great fans", said managing director Hans-Jürgen Abt on Sunday evening. "But we didn't really expect such a great atmosphere. Not only do we have the best driver, we also have the best fans in the world."

Three days of action, almost around the clock -- only a few weeks after the title win in the DTM, Abt Sportsline celebrated the sensational success in Kempten once again. Together with all the partners from the tuning and motorsport business, the team from the Allgäu had put together a programme that left the spectators with hardly a minute to relax. Next to the party tent with live-band, Sony games tent, Tamiya race track, a prize draw and all current Formula 1-cars, the DTM live action was the undisputed highlight of the week-end. Every hour, Christian Abt and his fellow-drivers completed demonstration laps around the company's new headquarters at the Daimlerstraße, exciting the fans with record pit stops and doughnut-action.

"I really enjoy being able to celebrate together with the fans off the track once", said Laurent Aiello, who had interrupted his family holiday to come to Kempten. The excitement of the fans also affected the racing drivers: in the big party tent, Aiello got behind the drums and gave the rhythm for his team-mates, who, after several championship parties during the past few weeks, already have a considerable repertoire of songs. Karl Wendlinger had come from Austria to Kempten, thinking of "a small car show". "But when I finally arrived and had to park my car one and a half kilometres away, I only found out what a big show this was. I really enjoyed it, for some fans, we even had to write our autographs on the bonnets of their cars."

Apart from the Abt-drivers, there were other prominent guests at the Racing Show: ski-jumper Dieter Thoma celebrated with other wintersport aces, just like Opel-drivers Timo Scheider and Michael Bartels or Patrick Huisman and Bernd Schneider. The defeated DTM-champion even took over the wheel of Christian Abt's TT-R for a couple of laps around the Abt-building. After that, the Mercedes-driver was especially impressed by the performance of the pit stop crew, that got him back onto his wheels after only three seconds: "That is just unbelievable!" What Schneider didn't know: the championship-winning team had played a joke with its opponent and just hadn't changed the wheels.

"With this event, we want to thank our fans and clients for their loyalty and support once more", said managing director Hans-Jürgen Abt. And his title-winning driver Laurent Aiello announced: "Of course, it is especially nice that we have been able to bring the title along in time for the party. Hopefully, we can do that again for the next Racing Show."