Harald Bloche <bloche@omega.gmd.de> writes: > During the '94 season many r.a.s.ers were asking me for DTM-Videos. > Now I found an advertisement from a publisher in Germany. It's 'Auto > Motor + Sport' magazine. They offer 90 minutes videos from each season > 1990 - 1994. The price is 59.- DM (~ 37 US$) each, 149.- DM for 3 > tapes. +postage and shipping Payment within Europe per cheque possible, > overseas wasn't mentioned. > > [Please note that these videos are likely in PAL format, and will need > to be converted to NTSC for viewing in North America. -- moderator]

GTCC season tapes with English commentary in PAL and NTSC formats are available from BHP video or mail order from someone like Demon Tweeks for approx. 10-12 English pounds which is considerably cheaper than the prices quoted above (and you won't have to worry about conversion to NTSC).

Check with Demon Tweeks for more details.

Ask for Bruce (the address and phone number is in AUTOSPORT - if you haven't access to that magazine I will post details tomorrow). I have had dealings for videos with Bruce in the past and Demon Tweeks seem to be reasonably reliable. Make sure you check that they have the video/s you want in stock.

Regards, Peter