Berner finding his way back

Pete Berner admits that he hasn't quite been in the same Championship form that he was last year when he claimed the IHRA Pro Stock title. However, he also recognizes that he's learning a lot and he's quickly finding his way back to the place where he makes winning look easy. As work on his in-house engine program continues, Berner is continually trying new things, looking for that extra edge. In this he's finding that success is a journey where every learning curve can be a step in the right direction.

At this past weekend's IHRA Amalie Oil Texas Nationals, Berner qualified respectively in the number three spot. He ousted newcomer Glen Barrilleaux in round one, but his day was ended after round two when he was two thousandths too quick on the tree. Berner posted the second quickest elapsed time of the round and had opponent JR Carr covered by nearly five hundredths, but the red light cost him the win.

"I would rather lose by being a little too quick than by being late with a .070 or .080 light," tells Berner. "I've been working hard to consistently be .030 or better on the tree. When that's the case I'm probably going to be red every once in a while. Nobody can say I wasn't trying! The car has been running good, although it's not quite where we'd like it to be. We've been trying some new things on it. Some of them work. Some don't. This weekend we found some issues that were giving us problems. We've got those fixed and I think we're on our way back to where we need to be.

"The Dallas facility was beautiful. It was surface to run on and it will only get better. Many thanks to Kenny Barnes and his staff for doing a great job. I look forward to going back to Dallas Raceway again next year."

-credit: ihra