TUSCALOOSA, Al. - It's no big secret that defending Pro Modified champion Shannon Jenkins endured a title-defense season that he'd just as soon to forget about. What has been a secret are his plans for the 2001 season. The two-time Pro Modified World Champion recently announced that he will join the Westbury, NY.-based Awesome Motorsports team of Mike Castellana as a second driver on the team. He will pilot a nitrous-injected, 1969 Camaro fabricated by another former champion Tim McAmis.

"I am real thankful for the opportunity to team up with Mike," explained Jenkins. "Mike is a dedicated drag racer and one I am proud to be associated with. We had a tough season this year and it was through nobody's fault other than just bad luck. I'm hoping that we can turn things around in 2001 and I'm sure we can. My goals are to put Mike and I as the top two in the Pro Modified points standings. I want to win and he does too, As long as we finish in the top two, it doesn't matter which one of us wins."

"There's not a whole lot that I can tell you about how talented that Shannon Jenkins is that everybody doesn't already know," explained Castellana. "I'm convinced that he's one of the, if not the best nitrous tuners in the business. I can tell you that he helped me turn around my program and next year I fully expect to advance even more through this association.

As expected, Jenkins will be leaving the Billy Harper-owned Redline Racing Team. He wants to point out that the leaving was an amicable one and he wishes Harper the best of luck in the future.

"I just hate that it didn't work out," explained Jenkins. "Sometimes things have the best intentions and they don't always work out the way they should. I am glad that we can go our separate ways and still be friends. That means a lot to me. I want to thank Billy for the opportunity that he afforded me."