LEESBURG, VA.-- Horror pen man Stephen King once wrote about a classic automobile that had a penchant for getting smashed up and repairing itself in a matter of minutes. Leesburg, Virginia’s Johnny Rocca sure would like to know the secret to that task, but until then he will be satisfied with the efficiency of the Tim McAmis Race Cars crew and Barney Squires at Performance Auto Crafters.

At the IHRA Prolong Winter Nationals in Bradenton, Florida, Rocca suffered equipment failure which sent his 1949 Mercury careening into a guardrail inflicting serious damage. Officials at Prolong Super Lubricants and a horde of concerned fans pleaded for the return of this vehicle that has developed somewhat of a cult following since its inception last season. The chassis was repaired prior to Easter weekend and Rocca promptly took it to veteran paint and bodyman Barney Squires, who is slated to do the sandblasting and powdercoating on the frame. Rocca is having a new body done and plans to have a mold made for a future conversion to carbon fiber. Once the new body is sent to Squires and he mounts and paints it, McAmis will then get it again for reassembly. The car will not make the Southern Nationals in Darlington, SC. It will be able to reassume its match race schedule a week later.