IHRA and Lenco Announce Formation of the Lenco 6.30s Pro Stock Challenge

IHRA and Lenco Transmissions have announced the formation of the Lenco 6.30s Pro Stock Challenge, to recognize the first 16 racers to make a qualifying or elimination pass in the 6.30s. The formation of the Lenco 6.30s Club comes with the successful closing of the Quarter-Max 6.40s Club.

"First of all, we have to tip the IHRA cap to Rick Jones and Quarter-Max," said IHRA President Aaron Polburn. "The Quarter-Max 6.40s club was a great initiative for our Pro Stock class, just as the Lenco 6.30s Club is. With the formation of this club, we'll see our Pro Stock drivers be rewarded for the performances I know that they're capable of. And wouldn't it be great to see Rick Jones himself get into the 6.30s club?"

The first member of the club will receive $2,500, while members two through 16 receive $1,000 each. All members also receive a special club jacket and a plaque supplied by Lenco. The Lenco Pro Stock Challenge will automatically continue until the 2006 season and/or until the 16 member club is filled.

With the formation of the Lenco 6.30s Pro Stock Challenge, racers and fans are seeing times dropping quicker than anyone thought was possible. "Our Pro Stock class is making faster gains in performance than any other class in IHRA," said Director of Racing Operations Skooter Peaco. "Nobody thought the Quarter-Max 6.40s club would be filled as fast as it was, and now we're already talking about getting cars in the 6.30s. Depending on this winter's research and development, we may see the first member of the club by the end of this season or early next season."

Lenco Transmissions has a relationship with IHRA that dates back to the early 70s, and their quality components are a mainstay in IHRA Torco Race Fuels Pro Stock and Pro Modified. "Lenco is an established name in the world of drag racing. I am very pleased to have Lenco on board with the 6.30s club," stated IHRA Director of Competition and Technical Services Mike Baker. "Their decision to increase their involvement as the sponsor of the 6.30s club further solidifies their commitment to IHRA and particularly IHRA Pro Stock."