Enoch is in Love with his race team

Bradenton, FL - January 20, 2004 -- IHRA Pro Drag racing held their first open test of the season at DeSoto International Raceway on the 19th and 20th of January.

Enoch Love Racing rolled it's 2002 Chevy Cavalier complete with their new paint scheme out of the trailer and made the fastest pass ever recorded by a Chevy Wedge motor.

Crew chief Chris Johnson, with the help of engine builder Rick Hickman of Southern Race Engines put a tune up of legendary proportions in the car, which is now known as "Lucky Draw". The 812 cubic inch Chevy Mountain Motor rocketed to a 6.48.4 elapsed time at 212.91 miles per hour. The pass recorded a stout .991 sixty foot time, building to a 2.75- 330 foot and 4.19 - 172 MPH at the 1/8th post.

The 6.48 pass became the second quickest pass of the two day test session amongst the 6 or 7 IHRA Pro Stock teams in attendance and the fastest pass of the non- Hemi motored cars.

Driver, Bert Jackson was elated as this was not only his quickest run but also the quickest ET of any Chevy. Jackson stated, " This puts us knocking on the door of the IHRA Pro Stock record. The car felt great. It was significantly faster than it's ever run before. It was like a different car. It was my first trip into the legendary 6.40's. I am now extremely confident that we can put this car in the top half of the show and be able to go rounds at every race. Our Championship goal is now in reach."

Owner, Enoch Love was fast to give the credit to his crew chief Chris Johnson as well as stating " I appreciate the help from Rick Hickman. He is a proven builder and thus became the first builder to put a Chevy wedge motor in the 6.40's. Our goal was to be the first Chevy wedge to go under 1.0 seconds at the 60ft mark. I am ecstatic that it came right out of the trailer this quick. I feel we are poised to take the IHRA Pro Stock Championship."

Track conditions worstend and all cars testing posted slower times as the air went away.

Enoch Love Racing literally rolled the car out of the Washington, DC Convention Center Sunday night and headed for the Florida track. It had been part of a display, known as Motorsport Magic for it's second consecutive car show. Luck Draw had been part of race car display at the DC World of Wheels and the DC International Auto Show. It features a new paint scheme from legendary motorsport painter Chuck Buckler of Banshee Studios in Beltsville, MD.

Motorsport Magic is a rolling racing exhibit whose mission is to introduce the Washington-Baltimore fans to the variety of motorsport venues available in the area. Luck Draw was representing IHRA Professional Drag Racing and had been seen by over 1,000,000 attendees in the 12 days of the two shows.