75-80 Dragway is a race track without an address.

Tucked away in the hills of Monrovia, Md., 75-80 Dragway exists, but does so without a physical address to call home. Instead, the location of the track is listed as the intersection of Routes 75 and 80 in Monrovia.

But while the track may not have an actual address to call home, it is well known 75-80 Dragway is one of the premier destinations for drag racing in Maryland.

The track, which opened in 1960 by 75-80 Dragway Inc. and manager Bill Wilcom, will now bring that excitement to the IHRA as 75-80 Dragway joins the family of tracks.

"We are very happy to be joining the IHRA family of tracks," said track operator Lisa Stanley-Willis. "Everyone at IHRA has been very welcoming and informative. We look forward to an incredible year of racing."

While still owned by 75-80 Dragway Inc., the property is now managed by Heads Up Racing Inc. and competes by heads up racing rules only. The track features 1/8 mile racing on Friday's and Saturday's and 1/4 mile racing on Sunday's. 75-80 Dragway will also showcase the Teen Championship Racing Program to help provide a safe forum for drag racers across the area.

"We are very excited about the Teen Championship Racing program. We think it will be a great program to bring to our area to help decrease illegal street racing," Stanley-Willis said.

The track will open in early April and the run through late October. Racing classes featured at the facility includes Outlaw Pro Street 10.5, Nine Inch Nightmares, Motorcycles, 275 Drag Radial, Outlaw Drag Radial, Big Tire Outlaw, Dragsters, Street Class and High School.

The track will also participate in the Summit Super Series and has several special events planned for the 2009 season.

75-80 Dragway sits on 135 acres, is 3,100 feet long and has concrete guard walls on both sides. The track is currently being renovated with new bleachers, a new pit area and a few other general improvements.

"Kevin and his sister Lisa took over the track and they are completely renovating it," said IHRA Director of Track Development Phil Gingerich. "It was an old track and it needed it. It has been closed for two years and everyone in that area is extremely excited to go racing again."

The track is one of only two IHRA sanctioned tracks in the state of Maryland and many racers in the immediate area are thrilled to have a place to call home again. One example of how excited drivers are includes a man who began racing at the track when it opened in the 60s who plans on returning when it opens again, 40 years later.

"We don't have many tracks in that area so it will be good to have some presence there," Gingerich said. "We have seen a great response from the fans and drivers."

-credit: ihra