Facts and figures on the "Dakar" logistics of the Volkswagen team

Wolfsburg (13 December 2010). The Dakar Rally through Argentina and Chile - from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans and back. Here are some logistics details of the Volkswagen factory team.

Did you know that ...

... the packing list of every service truck is about 60 single-spaced A4 pages long?

... the Volkswagen convoy travels from bivouac to bivouac with a total of about 50 tons of material on board of the MAN trucks?

... Volkswagen ships 350 wheels completely fitted with BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres to South America for the four factory-fielded Race Touareg 3 vehicles?

... the Volkswagen squad had only 57 days to "pack up"? The return of the squad from the Silk Way Rally on 27 September kicked off the spare parts inventory count and loading of the service trucks. The departure for Le Havre (France) to ship the Volkswagen convoy took place on 23 November.

... each of the four service trucks allocated to a Race Touareg carries a complete kit of body parts including livery?

... Volkswagen transports a total of 500 aluminium transport boxes for spare parts on board of the service trucks? In addition, there are some 60 wooden boxes for larger spare parts such as gearboxes.

... the boxes also accommodate the most frequently needed wearing parts? In total, there are twelve boxes with brake discs and seven boxes with brake linings.

... the four service trucks each have a complete set of shop equipment including workbenches? A total of two turning lathes are available to Volkswagen as well.

... each service truck carries a tool kit consisting, among others, of 27 pairs of pliers, 58 wrenches, 48 screw drivers but only nine specialty tools? In addition, every mechanic has the most essential tools he needs for his work on the Race Touareg in a toolcase of his own.

... Volkswagen at the "Dakar" uses two FIA-conformant positive pressure tents for largely dust-free work? They are needed, for example, for maintenance jobs on the 2.5-litre TDI engines. ... two refuelling rigs (one each) for the Race Touareg and the race trucks are travelling aboard the trucks? The rigs for the race trucks are not operated by electrical pumps but by pneumatic systems to enable faster refuelling. In case of an emergency two hand-operated pumps are available as backups.

... the Amarok and Multivan PanAmericana support vehicles, by contrast, are refuelled at filling stations in Argentina and Chile? The charter of the "Dakar" organiser A.S.O. prescribes a range of at least 800 kilometres for support vehicles.

... almost every one of the service trucks that ensure the supply of spare parts has a cargo volume of about 37.5 cubic metres?

... the largest spare parts transported by Volkswagen are two complete 2.5-litre TDI engines of the Race Touareg which, however, may not be replaced as complete units according to the regulations? In case of emergencies they serve as preassembled spare parts stores.

... each team member - from the motorsport director through to the mechanic - has a duffel bag consisting of a ground mat, a sleeping bag and a one-man tent?

... the power generators of the Volkswagen team combined deliver a total 88 kilowatts of rated power? This equates to the connected power of four one-family houses.

... a total of five light balloons provide daytime-like lighting at the bivouac at night?

... the dimensions of the Volkswagen bivouac at the Dakar Rally are 40 times 75 metres, in other words 3,000 square metres?

... that Volkswagen on one of the MAN equipment trucks carries a kitchen of its own - including induction stoves and microwave ovens?

... that the consumption of locally purchased foodstuffs amounts to an estimated eight kilograms of coffee, 30 litres of milk, 35 kilograms of noodles and 200 cereal bars? In addition, there are about 50 cans of ready-to-eat meals, 300 packs of soup and 50 pallets of Red Bull which supplement the organiser's catering support during the rally.

-source: vw