Calm Before the Storm

Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Team HUMMER was off to an early start this morning getting the Chile and Vanguard HUMMERs finalized and ready for inspection, which is in less than 14 hours away. It was a hot and windy day in Buenos Aires with the team working together to cross off their checklists. With help from local authorities, Team HUMMER set up shop right across the street from the US embassy. With crowds gathered watching the team hard at work, they will carry on into the night making sure everything is right, perfecting every last detail.

The scene in Buenos Aires is the "calm before the storm." There are teams from all over the world prepping their vehicles in order to take on the challenge of one of racing's toughest terrains. Robby Gordon and his fellow teammates are each prepared for what lies ahead of them. "Our time slot is on New Year's Eve at 2:15 PM local time. As far as my Monster Energy / Toyo Tires HUMMER is concerned, we had few minor things to check off the list. I was excited to learn that the terrain will be a little different this year with even more sand dunes. The HUMMERs are fast there, so it should be good for us," commented Robby Gordon about the team's preparation for the following day.

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-source: team hummer