Scrutineering with some small surprises

It could have been a very fast scrutineering for Team Honda Europe, but a few small problems caused delay. A GPS cable was damaged and all the spare engines had to be show piece by piece to the representatives of the FIM. After four hours the paperwork was done and the team had passed the scrutineering around 21h.

A few minutes after four o'clock the team had arrived at La Rural. Like last year, this is the site of the Parc Ferme. The team had to start with the paperwork. Mirjam Pol had no problems, being the routinier of the team. Alois and Tonnie were amezed by the amouth of papers and stamps that had to be collected. Luckily everything went fast, so the tam could move from booth to booth to collect all the necessary data. Patrick Trahan even had time for an interview with a French speaking radio station.

After the paperwork was done the bikes could enter the scrutineering hall, together with the servicetruck and the Landcruiser. ASO found a broken GPS cable on Christophers bike - strange as in Le Havre everything had been checked and verified. Luckily ERTF was on site and could provide new material. As soon as the numbers had been sticked to the riders' coats the bikes were checked for sound.

Checking the spare engines was a different story. Each rider can use three spare engines, which are stored in a wooden box in the rear of the truck. Each spare engine has to be marked and registered. Unfortunately the FIM wasn't willing to step into the truck and mark the engines there, so everything had to be unpacked and shown to the representatives outside the truck. This meant quite some extra work. Hans and Johan took the engines out, and teammanager Henk Hellegers delivered them personally to the FIM.

Patrick Trahan could not finish the scrutineering of his bike, due to a misunderstanding about the paperwork. As the door was closed at 21h. sharp, he was the first to enter again at 8h. next day. The rest of the team will have a relaxing 31st december, before Dakar starts tomorrow. Tonight the team will sleep early after a good meal, as it is the last chance for a long night before january 16th in Buenos Aires!

-source: team honda eu