Rosario - Team EVR is now for more than a week stationed in the dealership of Chevrolet dealer Chevromax in Rosario, which reserved an exceptional welcome for Eric Vigouroux, his team and the two Chevrolet prototypes, powered by a Corvette race engine.

Éric Vigouroux
Éric Vigouroux

Photo by: A.S.O.

In the work station of the Chevrolet dealer the mechanics worked on the final details of the rally cars and the support vehicles. After that all 6 vehicles of team EVR were presented for the technical and administrative scrutineering yesterday at 10 am.

Arriving at the service park the two new Chevrolet VX 101 prototypes of EVR the team caused a lot of sensation. The original look of the cars, the unique sound of the V8 Corvette 7 liter engine and the manufacturing quality of the cars immediately drew the attention of the public and the media.

When BJ Baldwin and Guerlain Chicherit stepped out of their cars journalists and tv-reporters rushed on them for interviews. All were very eager to get details on this new Franco - American team, much to the delight of team captain Eric Vigouroux.

"I am proud to present for the first time publicly the result of our work together and to have professional drivers such as BJ and Guerlain at the steering wheel. I think that in a few months we've managed to gather all the ingredients for a good Dakar. That having said we need to address this first rally with great humility because we have a new team, a totally new car and we know that the competition will be fierce."

By mid afternoon today, the EVR team received a general green light from the technical inspectors representing an important step, especially when it comes to completely new racing cars. Tomorrow the first car will start at 7:30 hrs.