Ronn Bailey Motorsports Tackles Dakar 2006 with Multi-National Car and Motorcycle Team

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 7 - Ronn Bailey, CEO of Vanguard Integrity Professionals and owner/driver of Ronn Bailey Motorsports, will lead an unusual combination of two cars and a rally motorcycle with Dakar veteran Philippe Gache and Kevin Heath, a South African amateur motorcyclist, in the Dakar 2006, the world's longest and most grueling motor competition.

The 28th Dakar Rally will start for the first time in Lisbon, cross through Morocco, Mauritania, Mali and Guinea, and end, as usual, in Dakar, in Senegal. Ronn Bailey Motorsports will be among the 508 teams (trucks, cars and motorbikes) tackling the treacherous course - 9,043 km of sand mountains and more than a few bandits along the way, all in just 16 days beginning December 31, 2005.

Last year, less than half of the entries finished the race and there were several fatalities, including two-time winner Fabrizio Meoni of Italy and Spanish amateur Jose Manuel Peres.

Bailey, 56, an amateur driver, has been in only two off-road races, the 2005 Morocco Rally, where he placed near the top 20, and the 2005 Dakar. Although he finished the Dakar race, he was declared "retired" by officials after being lost in a blinding sandstorm without gas or food for three days in Mauritania.

Philippe Gache, a 20-year veteran of off-road races, has driven in the past three Dakar races as well as the Tunisia, Morocco and Turkish off-road rallies. He has also raced in Indy and Formula 3 events during his career. In the 2006 Dakar, Philippe will be driving his SMG buggy, a French-made two- wheel drive car with a Chevy V8.

Motorcyclist Kevin Heath, a native South African who now lives in San Diego, California, has also participated in the 2005 Dakar as well as the Baja 500. He'll be driving a KTM 660 rally bike that holds 12 gallons of gas and can hit 110 mph.

According to Bailey, "My buggy has the technology that could win the race, and I definitely won't run out of gas again. This year navigation will be the key to winning or even finishing. My co-pilot and navigator is Herve Cotel, a 16-year Dakar veteran. We have a much better chance at the race this year. I am, however, reminded that the Dakar has a vehicle mortality rate higher than 50%, which includes world champions and previous Dakar winners. My goal is simply to finish the race in good standing while supporting Philippe to a team victory. It is exciting and an honor to be teamed with the world's great rally drivers." This year, Team Vanguard consists entirely of Dakar veterans. Vanguard Integrity Professionals is the sponsor of Ronn Bailey Motorsports for Dakar 2006.

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