The rescue

They say that where there is demand, there surely is supply, too. This statement is especially true for Africa. The Balázs Szalay - László Bunkoczi duo got stuck in a sand dune on Friday. Not five minutes passed and there appeared a local with a Pick-up and offered to pull them out right away, in exchange for 500 euros. Since the contestants did not have that much money with them, Bunkoczi offered his watch, which is definitely worth 500 euros. Since local did not need the watch, the Szalay-Bunkoczi dual had to start digging the car out.

It is amazing in fact that all can be rescued from the desert, even enormous trucks, and locals have great experience in such rescues. Organizers, however, are willing to take only bikes to the camp, in the case of cars and trucks they only offer the crew to hop on the rescue truck, but they do not help in getting their vehicles out. This solution in fact is chosen by noone, becuse it would mean that they have to leave their vehicles in the middle of nowhere.

Therefore, when such happens, the crew awaits the rescue unit (or their own team, or local forces), which either pull them out or repair the vehicle. In the case of trucks the situation is a bit more complicated, because they can only be repaired but not pulled out. Only to set these huge vehicles on foot they need at leasrt two other trucks; one to hold it and the other to set it up, since sand dunes are not slant in one direction only.

Note from Stage 7:

Jaroslav Katrinak, who held an excellent 11th position, fell seriously on Friday. Although for a few hours there was hope for him continuing, but doctors did not agree at the end. No wonder, since the KTM pilot, racing in the colors of the Szalay Dakar Team, had to have his chin and stiched, broke a finger, lost a nail and there was hardly any skin left on his fingers. Despite these he still wanted to continue, but when painkillers were of no use anymore, he did not force it. Katrinak will go home by plane on Tuesday from Nouachott, he will fly through Paris to Pressburg.