LABE, Guinea

The 18th Total Granada Dakar rally was shocked today when a small child was killed after being hit by a motorcycle. The accident happened just before the village of Tarembali, about 30km before the end of the stage. The 3 year old girl was distracted by a helicopter, the motorcycle ridden by Marcel Pilet, came over a crest and unfortunately unable to avoid her.

The event's safety director Mr.Roger Kalmanovitz explained, "Despite efforts to alert the local population to the possible dangers of the sport, through radio broadcasts and via local town-halls, and despite the fact that schools are closed and that we ask for children to be kept in side and although the police are vigilent, this terrible accident has taken place. It is a very sad day for us and we all sympathise greatly with the family."

MOTORCYCLES: The first bikes and cars arrived before the accident had   
taken place. Fabrizio Meoni scored his second stage victory, with       
overall leader Edi Orioli coming home second. Davide Trolli was third   
this morning.                                                           

CARS: Citroen's Ari Vatanen won the stage from overall leader Pierre Lartigue. After the first 26 cars and trucks had passed through a difficult muddy ford, the organizers were forced to stop the stage for the following competitors, since several vehicules had blocked the route after becoming stuck. The vehicules will complete the stage as a liaison section and the stewards of the event will decide the time that all those held up will receive for this stage.

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