El Mreiti, in the middle of nowhere, no village, no inhabitants but a vast sahariene landscape at 40 degrees C.

The motorcycle trio of Arcarons, Orioli, Trolli arrived grouped together with Arcarons winning the stage. Orioli keeping his first place position. The French racer Magnaldi arrived a few minuted after the trio.The sympathetic Meoni, hero of the last stage had problems with his GPS and practically ran out of gas but made it to the end.

The car and truck categories, the four Citroen's took the four first places. Lartigue was assisted by Ari Vatanen himself who declared "I stopped everytime Lartigue did, the first time to make pipi and the two other times because he had flats." Wambergue, won the stage even with a broken thumb. At Mitsubishi Masuka came in fifth with Saby following.