January 5th 1996. Zouerat - Atar

Motorcycles : Magnaldi (KTM) won the stage before Gallardo (Cagiva), Arcarons and Sotelo (both on KTM and Orioli.

After Peterhansel's (today) and Kinigadner's (yesterday) abandons, Orioli is now on the lead, before Arcarons.

Stephane Peterhansel has officially abandoned after placing a complaint concerning the gas he had received for his motorcycle was not appropriate for his motor. This complaint has been rejected by the race officials.

Cars: Vatanen was fastest on the stage, despite stopping on three separates occasions. Saby was second fastest today which paid tribute to the Mitsubishi mechanics who had rebuilt his car after his multiple roll on Wednesday; Download the video of Saby's accident from the web site.


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