The leaderboard has taken on a completely new look.

In the motorcycle category Edi Orioli has taken the lead from Peterhansel who is now 7th, after having encountered several fuel problems. In second place Jordi Arcorans and third place to Davide Trolli. Kinigadner's KTM engine gave up and had to take a helicopter back to the bivouac and retire from the race.

In the car section Ari Vatanen punctured a tire and had to continue the race on a rim, he is now 4th overall. Jean Pierre Fontenay and his Mitsubishi won today's stage but Pierre Lartigue is the new overall leader.

Following an inquiry by the Moroccon authorities into the accident that cost Laurent Gueguen's life,they have concluded that the accident was not caused by a mine, as thought.

Thierry Rannou was airlifted to Tenerife, where he remains in a coma, but has shown some signs of improvement.


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