Foum El Hassan, Marocco 01/02/96 4th stage

Five motorcycle riders were involved in accidents today: Boursier, Hebert, Roma, Jobe,and Dosch were immediately atteded to by doctors who follow the race by helicopter. None of the five have given the doctors cause for concern.The five have abandoned the race.

Ari Vatanen has kept his grip, but his Citroen team mates are closing the gap. First of the Mitsubishis home was Jean Pierre Fontenay who finished fourth.

Peterhansel extended his lead in the motorcycle section with a six minute lead over adversary, Heinz Kinigadner.KTM boss Kinigadner was second while Peter's Yamaha team-mate Edi Orioli was third.

Standings to the end of stage 4 (cars/trucks):

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POS NAME(s) COUNTRY TOTAL DISTANCE PENALTY TIME TO 1st ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 203 VATANEN PICARD CITROEN FI 10h40'13 0h00 2 201 LARTIGUE PERIN CITROEN F 10h45'09 0h04'56 0h00 3 207 WAMBERGUE GALLAGHER CITROEN F 10h53'44 0h13'31 0h00 4 206 FONTENAY MUSMARRA MITSUBISHI F 11h02'55 0h22'42 0h00 5 202 SABY SERIEYS MITSUBISHI F 11h03'09 0h22'56 0h00 6 208 MASUOKA SCHULZ MITSUBISHI JA 11h47'59 1h07'46 0h00 7 205 SERVIA PUIG SANS CITROEN E 12h06'35 1h26'22 0h00 8 200 SCHLESSER SEAT.SCHLE F 13h17'46 2h37'33 0h00 9 211 KLEINSCHMIDT FOJ SEAT IBIZA MC 13h35'02 2h54'49 0h00 10 209 DELAVERGNE ARGUELLES NISSAN F 13h39'55 2h59'42 0h00 11 216 VISMARA CAMBIAGHI SSANGYONG I 14h07'43 3h27'30 0h00 12 217 RIVIERE ALCARAZ SSANGYONG F 14h19'00 3h38'47 0h00 13 215 HOUSIEAUX COTTRET NISSAN F 14h21'42 3h41'29 0h00 14 210 TAMBAY METGE MITSUBISHI F 14h23'36 3h43'23 0h00 15 218 SOUZA LAROQUE MITSUBISHI P 14h24'38 3h44'25 0h00 16 212 STRUGO CATARELLI MITSUBISHI F 14h27'18 3h47'05 0h00 17 238 GERMANETTI DE CASTIGLIO MITSUBISHI I 14h28'43 3h48'30 0h00 18 239 PRIETO OLAVE MITSUBISHI E 14h28'45 3h48'32 0h00 19 295 ANDRETTA SIMONI MITSUBISHI I 14h35'23 3h55'10 0h00 20 237 SARRAZIN FUJISAWA TOYOTA F 14h41'19 4h01'06 0h00 21 222 BARENGHI RAMU MAC MOTER CH 14h47'27 4h07'14 0h00 22 257 MARTIN CHAUMONT TOYOTA B 15h09'00 4h28'47 0h00 23 289 MORIZE ROYER NISSAN F 15h11'28 4h31'15 0h00 24 232 SAKCHAI TULL MITSUBISHI TH 15h15'12 4h34'59 0h00 25 229 ASAGA ITO TOYOTA JA 15h18'40 4h38'27 0h00 26 292 VAN CAUWENBE DEVOS TOYOTA B 15h27'19 4h47'06 0h00 27 402 MOSKOVSKIKH KOUZMINE KAMAZ RU 15h27'43 4h47'30 0h00 28 307 NEMOTO ROSSI NISSAN JA 15h30'15 4h50'02 0h00 29 258 NARISHKINE PIALINE MITSUBISHI RU 15h40'59 5h00'46 0h00 30 306 PLAZA PEREZ PUJOLAR TOYOTA E 15h43'37 5h03'24 0h00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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