Paulo Marques is ready for his 12th consecutive Rally Dakar

Team Repsol Moletto Sport is counting on Paulo Marques and Rui Benedi to end the Telefonica Dakar 2005 with a good result among the T1 Diesel cars. Presenting a mixture of great experience and the emotions of a first time, the two drivers will change places behind the wheel and promise to fight for a place in the Top 5 of the class.

Paulo Marques, the Portuguese with the largest number of Dakar Rallies under his Belt, 11 - he started in 1994 on two wheels and is now ready for the second Dakar on a car -, is largely one of the most famous names in the Portuguese entourage for this year. "The Dakar is never an easy race and to make for a shorter distance this year - about 2.000 km less then last time - we will have two Marathon Stages like the good old times where the cars go to Parq Ferme. This means, in opposition to this year's race, that we are not allowed to do anything in the cars, what requires an extra care with the driving of our Toyota Land Cruiser", said Marques.

"Navigation will be even more demanding since the GPS points where reduced. Yet, and thanks to Moletto Sport and Toyota France, our goal is a place within the Top 5 of our class", admits Paulo Marques that will also play the of "Godfather" to Rui Benedi's first time in the Dakar.

"It's going to bee a great responsibility, but I am looking forward to it. More, I don't know when, but we are going to change places behind the wheel during the Dakar", remarks the former biker.

"Going to the Dakar is a dream come truth", says Rui Benedi. "But I must admit I never dreamed that I would go this year. It's very important for me being able to go with my team from the national off-road championship - Moletto Sport - and counting with the experience of Paulo Marques", recons Benedi.

"I can only promise I will do my best to live up the expectations of everybody and will do everything to help Paulo reach the Lack Rose!"