Interview with Michael Tanaka

Z.N.: Are you interested in motorsport?

M.T.: I've been interested in motor sport for many years. I've been watching F1 for many years and only rallying for a few years given the limited programming in Australia.

Z.N.: Did you take part in some rally?

M.T.: Yes (2 events in Australia during 2004).

Z.N.: How long have you been working with Tomas Tomecek?

M.T.: We've been dealing with Tomas for approx. 4 months, however I will finally meet him in December.

Z.N.: What does it mean for you to take part in Rally Dakar?

M.T.: It is incredible. Competing in Dakar was not an option 1 year ago. I have to say that the opportunity literally fell in my lap and I've grabbed it.

Z.N.: How did you prepare for the Dakar 2005?

M.T.: I increased my fitness levels by working out in the gym for the past 4 months and improving my diet. To improve driving skill I completed a two day racing course and did 15 hours of heavy truck lessons to obtain the heavy rigid truck licence..

Z.N.: Do you spend a lot of time in car?

M.T.: Yes.

Z.N.: Any serious accident?

M.T.: No serious accidents.

Z.N.: Would you do Dakar on motorbike?

M.T.: I have no plans to enter Dakar on a bike just yet. I'm interested in co-piloting a car entry, and then enter Dakar as a car competitor.

Z.N.: What do you think about participation of some - women in the Dakar?

M.T.: I have no problem with women entering Dakar. I believe that women have the same driving ability as men.

-Zuzana Nohavicová, LRT