Prolouge, day one 2004-12-31
Latest news from Inventor Racing team - everything is okey and our new racing car works fine. The prologue is now completed and our position is nr 131.

Tomorrow, there will be no special stage, we will do 920 km of transport to Granada. The first special will be on the 2nd of January.

Everything is fine here! Yesterday we drove the 10 km special in Granada and our position on yesterdays stage is nr 143. The time was 11'49". Our overall standing is nr 128, with a total time of 19'07". After the special we drove to Algeciras and arrived during evening and had to wait some while before entering the ferry, which took us to Tanger, Morocco. In Morocco we had to drive 300 km to Rabat. We arrived 6 am this morning, hence, no sleep for us this night. But we are in good mood!

We are now on our way to start the special. The bikes had to cancel their special due to heavy fog this morning, but we hope to drive the cars' special. We'll get back with more info about this, of course.

In the swedish/danish version of the Eurosport TV program, we were broadcasted yesterday, so hopefully you could see how "we" look like, driving around in a white Land Rover. The swedish commentators Björn Waldegård and Jan Tromark, told the story about our bad luck with the Inventor.

2005-01-03 Special completed
Now is today's special done and our standing is 111 with the time of 1h45'00". This gives us an overall standing on position 109 with the total time of 2h04'07" which is 37'43" after leading Gordon.

2005-01-05 Stage 5
During yesterday's stage (stage 5) we had a puncture so we had to stop for changing the flat tyre, but besides that incident, everything was good. Yesterdays standing was nr 120 which gives us an overall standing at position 115 on a total time of 8h28'41".

We arrived to the bivouac around 8 pm yesterday evening, so we could have some nice hours of sleep. Today we left Smara around 9 am. The service team departed one hour after us. They are using the same track (parts of) as the race cars today, and now there will be sand riding, so we have changed into tyres with higher witdh.

2005-01-05 Stage 6
It has been a day with people having accident's (other team's) but we managed to make it, and we ended up as nr 69 at today's stage. This gives us an overall standing at position 80 with a total time of 14h54'18".

Since we are now in Mauritania, the GSM-network will not operate sufficiently (probably not at all). But we'll keep you informed as much as we are able to via the satellite telephones with news...

-Inventor Racing Team