The Inventor Racing Team is a team from Denmark and Sweden who will participate for the third time in the Dakar Rally. The race car, called Inventor D5 EVO III, has a Volvo XC70 body and is built at a chassis designed and developed by the team. The race driver is Ivan Reedtz Thott and he will be accompanied by Niels Heede-Pedersen. Both of them have experienced several Dakar rallies and have completed the rally twice.

The construction of the race car is steered by Claes Hellbom (former Blomqvist) and he and the team has developed and constructed the car. The Inventor Racing car will be supported by a service car, a Land Rover Defender. The service crew at the Dakar 2005, will be Mikael Brax, Allan Sörensen and Jan Bertelsen.

Inventor D5 EVO III smashed 2004-12-30
We are now happily arrived in Barcelona, but things has fundamentally been changed. We will participate in the rallye, but not with the Inventor D5 EVO III, since the most unlikely happened to us in Luxembourg. The trailer on which we transported the race car, had a puncture and the entire equipage tumbled about into the ditchside (dikesren). The Inventor was totally destroyed and can not be used at all. We had to leave the equipage in the hands of local salvage service (bärgningstjänst).

However, Jan Berthelsen, one of the members in the service team, has a contact in Cologne, Germany. We drove there and and has now rented a car from the MATZKER company. Therefore, we will participate in the Telefonica Dakar rallye, but in a white Landrover Defender 90 Td5.

We stayed in Cologne for one night, doing some preparations on the new race car (exchange of fuel tank etc) and also some repacking in the service car. We had to work hard, but we had at least some four hours of sleep. Yesterday (29 Dec) we arrived in Barcelona around 4 pm (16.00) and were nicely accommodated by the Volvo Cars dealer Volvo Rhonda 15. We were able do the final preparations for the cars, for example installation of the navigation and security systems.

Today, our new race car and the service car was going through the administrative checks and the technical scrutineering. Both cars were granted access to the race. Puh! The service team will have a briefing session tonight and the race team will have the briefing tomorrow morning.

So, tomorrow at 11 am the Prolouge takes off. It will be, as usual, the motorbikes who will enter the start ramp first, then continue via a transport to the prolouge. After them, the cars and the trucks follows.