Three questions to Giniel de Villiers

What are you expecting from the final third of the Dakar Rally?

"The route will get a lot harder, since there are a huge amount of pitfalls lurking on the partially obscured tracks -- stones, tree stumps, branches and much more. We must make sure that we are wide awake. There are still another 2,888 kilometres to go -- which is more than the length of a single round of the Cross Country World Cup."

You are third -- in hindsight would you have driven the first ten stages any differently?

"We really don't have anything to be ashamed of, particularly as we found a good rhythm and completed the majority of the stages, including the really tough stages without any real problems. Only tiny details such as yesterday's damaged jack or the small electrical problem today have cost us time, but none of this has anything to do with the incredible potential of the Race Touareg."

What are your goals for the remaining five stages?

"I've never been on the podium at the Dakar Rally. We'll take each stage as it comes and will do our best. The upcoming stages should suit Volkswagen. We want to run at a pace at which we can show what we are capable of without taking any risks, but our main priority is obviously to take the chequered flag at Lac Rose on Sunday."