Ginaf Rally Power - December 31, 2004 -- Today, the first stage of this years Dakar took place on the beach of Barcelona. The high start number (564) of the GRP truck caused some problems. Because they had to start the stage almost last of all trucks, they where delayed significantly by the several slower competitors on the track.

At an unfortunate overtaking manoeuvre, the Ginaf's cab suffered some light damage. The front windshield and a windshield on the left-hand side broke, and the door and roll-over bar where damaged. This however did not lead to sad faces.

The track which had to be driven by the trucks was especially designed for this event. Quite a few jump hills where made in the loose sand, which was very sensational for the crowd. Wild jump action could be seen by most of the trucks, but the Ginaf with its hydraulic suspension ran very smoothly over the jumps.

Sadly, the high Caterpillar power could not be used to the maximum because of the traffic. A 17th place was therefore the maximum possible result today.