Thursday 10 January 2002
Stage 13 - Tachit Loop

15:47 Problems for Shinozuka
Cars - At PC2 (249 kms) Kenjiro Shinozuka (No. 210) had regained the advantage over Jutta Kleinschmidt (No. 200) in the overall classification, because he was in front of the German by 20m 16s. But this advantage has gone up in smoke at the 300 kms point, where the Japanese driver stopped for 20 minutes to repair the rear suspension.

14:58 Four bikes in front
Bikes: The four leaders have passed PC3 in a group at 13.05, in the order No. 1 (Meoni), 9 (Roma), 5 (Cox) and 7 (Sala). No. 3 Arcarons and 4 (Esteve Pujol) are running together around two minutes behind.

14:57 'Peter' concedes
Cars - Stephane Peterhansel (Nissan No. 208) has made it clear that his intention is not to take the start this morning. The six-times winner in the bikes' category and winner of T1 in the cars last year was 25th in the overall classification, 19h 52m 20s behind the leader.

13:34 Johnny arrives
The Nissan (No.245) of Johnny Hallyday and Rene Metge waits for a short time in the bivouac in Tichit. The team has finished the Tidjikja-Tichit stage (yesterday's) and has to leave as soon as possible for the Tichit-Tichit loop (the stage today).

13:32 Masuoka in front
At the 148 kms point, No. 201 (Masuoka) passed on his own with a five-minute advantage over No. 207 (Fontenay) and 210 (Shinozuka), together. It appears that No. 200 (Kleinschmidt) lost some time with a flat tyre.

12:30 Bad weather
A heavy sky and very strong wind at Tchit, not the best of settings for the competitors who spent the night in the dunes on their way to the bivouac. The number who, in effect, have yet to complete yesterday's stage. At PC3, only 68 bikes, 53 cars and 16 trucks had passed. All those who arrive at the bivouac before 18.00 will be allowed to restart tomorrow for the stage beween Tichit and Kiffa.