Las Vegas, NV (March 13) -- Michael and Buffy Waltrip announced an aggressive fundraising initiative last summer dubbed "OPERATION MARATHON, Going the Distance for Kids" to raise one million dollars for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. Today, the couple presented Kyle, Pattie and Richard Petty a check in the amount of $923,626.73.

What about the one million dollar goal?

"Since the initial idea for this campaign surrounded running the Las Vegas Marathon in January, Buffy and I really wanted to present this check while we were in Las Vegas, (NV)," Michael explained. "$923,626.73. That is the amount in the bank today and donations continue to roll in. That amount alone will send over 600 children to camp, and plans and programs are still in place that will take us far beyond our million dollar goal.

"We are so proud that this is real, in-the-bank money that the camp can use for the kids tomorrow. We were committed to giving the camp $1 million, but had no idea how long it would take to raise that money. We figured we would start the fundraising and as the donations came in, we would write checks. We have been amazed by the outpouring of gifts that fans, friends and sponsors have so graciously given in the last six months. It is our honor on behalf of everyone who participated in this campaign to give the camp this money."

The awareness that OPERATION MARATHON has created for the Randleman, N.C. camp may be the greatest gift the Waltrip's could offer the Petty's.

"We are extremely passionate about OPERATION MARATHON and all of the events that supported this cause," Waltrip continued. "The media has been right there cheering us on too, which has given the camp the attention it deserves. We had an idea that we could do something big. It took autograph sessions, dinners, concerts - events all over the country, and we did something big $10 at a time. OPERATION MARARTHON is a part of us now and we are going to continue providing folks an outlet to give so that we can continue writing checks to the camp."