Ferrari Challenge driver devotes racing to fulfill Children' Wishes.

Houston, TX -- For Mandy Williams Reimert, every race is a victory. Each time she puts a wheel on the track, she wins. But it's not because she finishes the race first. It's because a she is able to"share the power of a wish." Her #19 Make-A-Wish Ferrari 360 Challenge car prominently carries the Make-A-Wish logo, a non-profit organization dedicated to granting the special wishes of children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses. Mandy hopes to share this powerful message with the vast number of spectators who will enjoy the Ferrari Challenge race at Montreal as part of the Formula 1 Grand Prix spectacle on June 9, 2002.

The names and messages that appear on the car's distinctive white stripe are from major donors and Wish-makers. The graphics will remain on the car for all remaining 2002 Challenge races, including the prestigious Montreal and U.S. Grand Prix Formula 1 events. After only three Ferrari Challenge races in 2002, she has already raised $75,000. 100% of the proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Reimert competes in the Ferrari Challenge as a member of the Challenge Championship-winning Ferrari of Houston dealership team. Since 1994, the series is comprised of gentlemen/lady drivers who race their own Ferrari's. Hired professional drivers are not allowed. Traditional sponsorship is practically non-existent. The owner/drivers are all achievers who are enjoying the fruits of their labor and the thrill of competition in one of the world's most desired sports cars.

In that regard, Mandy Williams Reimert fits the pattern. After earning her masters degree at the NYU/London School of Business and accomplishing great success in the private sector, she is now president of her own financial management consultant company, The CEA Group. However, her success in business is not what motivates her.

Mandy has three passions in her life: Her family, her racing and Make-A-Wish. With the support of a loving husband and three step-children, she is able to combine her love of racing with her dedication to Make-A-Wish, where she is on the Board of Directors for the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the Texas Gulf Coast and is one of the foundation's leading fundraisers. Her racing program was developed to raise awareness of Make-A-Wish, and to establish an endowment to ensure that Make-A-Wish will always have the resources to make wishes come true. To that end, Mandy has devoted her entire racing program to raising funds for Make-A-Wish.

Mandy's first race car, a stock Porsche 996, was entered in Porsche Club events in 1999-- 2001. During that time, Mandy raised $215,000 for Make-A-Wish. When she decided to compete in the Grand-Am-sanctioned Ferrari Challenge series, Reimert recognized an even greater opportunity to raise funds and awareness for M-A-W. Her goal for 2002 is to match or exceed the amount she raised in two years of Porsche Club racing.


One Wish Child found her way indirectly to Mandy. One day, during a Porsche Club racing weekend, Mandy was approached by another race car driver who identified himself as the father of a Wish Child. He made a donation and asked that his daughter's name, Ashley, be put on Mandy's Porsche 996 race car.

Not knowing the fate of this man's daughter, Mandy asked what Ashley's wish was. He described Ashley's wish to meet the Sesame Street characters, which Make-A-Wish made happen. At the next race, he asked for a picture of Ashley's name on the car, which Mandy happily arranged.

Several months later at Road Atlanta, a little girl came up to Mandy and said,"You're the lady with my name on her race car, aren't you?"

It was Ashley. That day Mandy got a wish of her own. She drove Ashley for three laps around Road Atlanta.

"That moment was worth it all," beamed Mandy. "There is no race I could win, not Montreal, not Indianapolis, or even the 24 Hours of Daytona,...nothing, that would top the feeling I had when I when I drove Ashley around the track. Those were true victory laps."

-caroline wright-