One of a Kind Scooter to be auctioned by CARA Charities

Indianapolis (June 4, 2004): CARA Charities and Cobra Scooters, LLC, importers of the Cobra line of motor scooters including Vento scooters, Longchang ATVs, Classic Retro scooters, Euro scooters, Cobra Motorcycles, and many more powersports products, have announced a partnership for promotional giveaway on the Champ Car World Series.

From now until the end of the season, a Cobra Motors scooter will be making the rounds of the Champ Car paddock. A CARA representative will be riding it and collecting autographs from the drivers.

However, instead of putting the autographs on a sheet of paper, the Champ Car drivers will be putting their autograph on the Cobra Motors scooter! Then, at the conclusion of the promotion, with the drivers' signatures on the "one-of-a-kind" scooter, it will be auctioned by CARA with all proceeds going to the charity. Interested bidders should check the CARA website for details on the upcoming auction (

"It is very exciting for CARA Charities to be involved with Cobra Scooters," said Mary Lou Bogner, executive director of CARA Charities. "We appreciate their generosity in assisting our organization. The scooter will be available with an on-lone auction at the end of the year."

"We thought that this would be an great way for fans to get their hands on a truly unique item," said Cobra Motors president Bill Pierce. "I think fans will be excited at the chance to own this one-of-a-kind scooter. We look forward to watching the auction unfold and we hope that it raises money for this deserving charity."

Cobra Motors is a growing presence in the scooter industry. Several drivers have chosen to ride a Cobra Motors scooter when they need quick mobility zipping around the paddock area. For more information on Cobra, please visit their website at Mackey Marketing Group, Inc., a veteran motorsport marketing and promotion agency, is the firm that developed the giveaway campaign.

CARA Charities was founded in 1981 and has distributed over $3.5 million dollars to numerous racing and community organizations. CARA serves the community through charitable work and promotes the friendship of all those involved in the motor sports family.