BAR boss Craig Pollock and driver Jacques Villeneuve are to be at the debut of the "Grand Prix of Tremblant" skiing event at Mont Tremblant, Quebec on the 14th to 16th of December. Villeneuve's "Newtown" club in Montreal launched the unique 24 hour event on 5th December. The Grand Prix will feature 100 teams and more than 800 skiers and is being staged in support of research into juvenile diabetes.

Pollock taught Villeneuve to ski when he was his college tutor in Switzerland and the pair are both looking forward to the task. Villeneuve, who was not in Montreal but sent a statement, said: "I take every opportunity to come back home. To be back to spend a weekend skiing and participate in such an activity makes it even more attractive. As car racing is, ski is one of my passions and the Grand Prix 24 hours of Tremblant will allow me the opportunity to enjoy myself while doing it for a good cause."

Pollock, who is traveling to the event with his wife Barbara, stated: "We are looking forward to the start of the event. When I visit Quebec, I know I will enjoy myself but I must recognise that a 24 hour race can be hard at times."