Enroute to scrutineering

The Saluki team have been joined over the last day or two by Bob, Craig for reporting and photograph duties and Roel from Fast and Speed, the buggy builders bringing the Team up to it's full complement.

It's the day of scrutineering where the Saluki III is crawled all over by the FIA inspectors to ensure that the regulations for the T1 class which we're racing in are complied with.

The Saluki certainly knows how to make an entrance, driving along the road en-route to the scrutineering, pedestrians, drivers and passengers all turn their heads at the sight and sounds of the Saluki. If you want to remain inconspicuous, the Saluki is not the vehicle for you.

The car cleared scrutineering successfully allowing Team Saluki to participate in the Desert Challenge starting with the prologue tomorrow.

-credit: teamsaluki.com