Last night, the Saluki camp had another visitor, this time in the form of Mohammed Ben Sulayem who came to chat with the team.

The Saluki support team has increased overnight with a couple of new arrivals. Currently in the Kennel we have the Love Machines - Ard & Tessa, Mark & Nicky, Craig & Caroline, Rick, Jason, James, Tracy, another James, Gayle, Richard, Trevor and Bob. Oh and of course Mark and Tim. Helping to keep Saluki's support crew's stamina going have been the provisions supplied to Saluki from Ashoka..

A long 378.75Km section with four PC points and a special refueling point at PC2 where the service crew have to do the refueling within an allocated 15 minute slot. The Saluki is expected to use something in the order of 700 litres (155 Gallons) of fuel today.

The Serck Services trucks are proving to be an excellent resource enabling the support crew easy access to all the spare parts and tools without having to pack and unpack everything at each service point - our thanks to Serck Services for providing these to Team Saluki for the Challenge.

Todays racing was fairly hectic, the Saluki screamed past PC1 heading for PC2. It had gained six places from it's revised starting place of 14th. The dog was on heat. The refuelling went ahead as planned, filling the Saluki tanks to the brim, it was only when the Saluki went to start and move to the service area that a problem was discovered. The starter motor had overheated and would not crank. Mark and Tim could receive no assistance from the support crew as the Saluki was in parc firme. Tim had to push the car backwards and then forwards to bump-start the car. With the Saluki under it's own power it was out into the race. Precious minutes had been lost due to the remote location of the fuelling point from the main service area.

Once on the race line again - the Saluki suffered a further problem with the car losing power. Approximately 1Km out from the service area the car had stopped. The guys again were on their own - a quick change of the distributor arm and new cap from their on-board supplies and the Saluki is up and running again.

The long route out to PC3 and the return to PC4 were frantic times for the Team given the problems experienced close to the service area. However the Saluki did successfully cross the finish line at a pace and is given a provisional place of 17th with a time of 6H 23M 32S.