There's good news and bad news from Team Saluki today.

The good news is that the Saluki is back to full health today. Roel, Rick and Leno did their spanner monkey magic last night and diagnosed and fixed the problem from last night. It wasn't the gearbox as everyone first thought, it seems that the clutch plate had a "minor" disagreement between itself and some sand that had managed to ingress into the clutch housing with the obvious and fatal results. The ingress source has been fixed and shouldn't happen again.

Now the bad news - one of the Saluki team has been sleeping around. He was caught coming out of the tent with a bird this morning. It seems that a stranger had decided to sleep with Craig in his tent last night. Whilst Craig was no doubt dreaming of another kind of bird, this little fella paid him a visit during the night.

They weren't disturbing each other so both slept peacefully in his tent. He (the bird that is) was released this morning after being offered some water, Craig on the other hand will be permanently scarred knowing that the only bird that would sleep with him is the feathered variety. Such is the life of a member of an International rally team.

As we write this - the Saluki with the guys have just crossed the finish line after a long seven hours in the race car. Having had his first full day of racing in anger with the buggy, Mark tried to describe the experience without using swear words along with other words such as awesome, outstanding and amazing but he was unable to. Make your own mind up what his impression of the Saluki III is.

With both Mark and Tim suffering in the intense heat and them having to resort to pouring water inside their boots and flameproof suits in an attempt to keep cool - It's nice to know that thanks to Serck and Castrol Edge, that the Saluki is running cool and hasn't missed a beat today, unlike the poor occupants. Lets hope it keeps it up for the rest of the race and the boys can handle the heat. If todays performance is anything to go by we're in for a fun week.

Remember - You can check throughout the day, and track when the cars finish each special stage here. We're team number 222.