It's the day of the prologue where the starting positions for the official start tomorrow morning are decided.

The Saluki team are up and running early morning to shoot off and get the "out of towners" their UAE driving licenses. At the licensing office we have Craig, Roel, Bob and Lee all lining up to pay their money, take an eye test and then get the paperwork translated into Arabic to be dealt with by an official. As they collected their licenses - Bob, just five minutes after taking his eye test declares that the license that the official was handing back was in fact his and takes it. Unfortunately for Bob his eye test must have been sub-standard as the license was in fact Craigs. We're thinking about getting Bob a Guide Dog.

We spent some time getting both camera's up and running, getting them aligned and briefing Tim on how to operate the "complicated" controls. There's one button to switch the unit on, and the same button operates the start stop. It seems that race nerves got the better of him and in the buildup to the first day of racing for the Saluki buggy Tim forgot to push the start button. We've worked out a system for tomorrow - the word "Video" will be at the top of his race notes for future days. C'est la vie.

Saluki started the day in 22nd position and run of just over 2m and six seconds it's done and dusted for the day. We're placed provisionally in 17th, a place Mark and Tim are happy with - it gives us more to hunt down.

Mark commented that the run was much faster than last years with long straights between the tight turns and provided some challenges in the deep soft sand.

The provisional results for todays event are posted here and you can check throughout the day tracking when the cars finish each special stage here.

It's a 5am start for the Saluki team as we head down to Abu Dhabi for the Ceremonial start tomorrow morning so no doubt it will be an early night tonight.