Remember the car that was still located in the desert last night after having blown it's engine, well there was a plan involving recovering a truck that was also stuck in the dunes and then using that to recover the car. Well best laid plans of mice and men and all that, things are not going obviously to plan. First thing this morning a couple of members of Team Saluki offered their assistance and went along with a bunch of other cars to extract the truck. It's evening in Camp Saluki and they're not back yet. We wonder if Paul has blown up another engine ?

Camp Saluki is definitely an oasis in the desert - we've got glass washbasins in our dedicated toilet/shower block and we've been sampling food fit for kings in the form of Pies by Pieman and steak by Kibson. Our stomachs are very grateful. For those of you who have visited Camp Saluki in the past won't recognise it. We know there will be doubters but a couple of pictures should put the non-believers in the wrong.

Today we've been out and about getting the various camera crews that are out here testing that the new Infinity HD cameras are capable of surviving in the heat and dust that we've all got to suffer out here. We've been taking them out into the dunes to capture the action of two teams that we've adopted since we're out of the running. Team Icon and Team Bowler.

Team Bowler are out testing their Nemesis vehicle much like the camera crews are. It's been subjected to warm temperatures previously but not the extremes of the Rub al Khali. It's their first time with the Nemesis in the Middle East and they've brought two of them for testing. Nemesis

Team Icon(Glen Reid/Hayden Walker) are running 2008 Nissan Patrol with a LS2 Corvette engine. Yesterday they had an incident resulting in front body damage which their team spent yesterday evening repairing. Today, they buried it into a sand mound resulting in the front of the vehicle obtaining another substantial impact.

You can of course follow these two teams in real time (Click Here) but remember the race starts early in the morning UAE time so depending on where you are you may already find the race finished for the day.

If we hear from Paul and James that they're stuck in the desert overnight having blown up another engine you can be sure we'll tell you tomorrow.

Regards Team Saluki.

-credit: ts