Transsyberia Rally: Dates of the Transsyberia Russia-Mongolia Rally has been fixed.

The decision has been made. The 5th Transsyberia Rally, one of the world's hardest rallyes for mainly standard vehicles will start in Moscow on July 11th. The date had to be brought forward because of the Olympic Games in China. Both professionals and amateurs can experience an incomparable adventure.

A maximum of 50 teams will start the arduous trip to Ulaanbaatar always towards east, more than 7000 km. The Ural, the muddy Syberian lowlands, the Altai mountains will passes up to 3700 m of altitude plus the Gobi desert's foothills are just some of the participants have to get over during the race from the Russian to the Mongolian capitals.

The poor infrastructure in many parts of the rally makes many overnight stays in tents necessary, doing without any comfort. In addiction, some detours will be required in order to ensure sufficient fuel supplies.

Prior to reaching their finish Ulaanbaatar on July 25, the participants will have to pass several tests dragging out for hundreds of kilometres. Even confirmed profs will border on their limits. It is not only necessary to find a way for crossing rivers or marshes but the participants need to show the appropriate tactics as speed is not a key role to make the Transsyberia Rally a success.

All vehicles have to be of standard design. Only those technical changes authorized in the regulations will be admitted. "We don't want any arms race of technology and no teams having to start with budgets of a million" Richard Schalber said, an offroad expert and the Transsyberia Rally manager. Therefore, the charge for participation amounting to - 2500 per person is relatively low.