Team Saluki - The dog's crossed the line.

Starting the day in 15th place, the charge is on for a long run from the Liwa campsite back to the finish at Dubai. The Saluki is built for running fast -- and this is where the vehicle can show off its power.

The majority of the support crew clear the campsite and head up towards the Service area. The Saluki is flying and is straight through the service area whilst the service crew are still 30Km from reaching it. The service crew about turn and head towards the finish.

The long straight runs have the engine in the Saluki running right on the limit of the power band -- which of course means that fuel consumption to the engine increases. Miles per gallon in the Saluki is not exactly great but running like this for extended periods of time soon drains the tanks and finds the guys switching between fuel pumps to get the last drops of fuel out of the tanks - with minor assistance from the marshals the Saluki is soon approaching the finish line.

It's managed to complete the rally and make it all the way to the end. The Saluki crossed the finishing line after starting in 15th, it crossed the line in 8th place for that stage. Tim immediately looks for assistance with some petrol burns he's received on his leg which is swiftly cooled by the waiting crew of Saluki supporters.

Overall this puts Team Saluki in 15th place at the end of the rally. The team are happy to have finished and crossed the line - when along the way other vehicles and teams have dropped out and failed to reach the finish. The challenge wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy -- Team Saluki yet again have taken part and more importantly completed the event and got to the finish line under their own power.

The challenge is was a massive effort -- as it always is, keeping Team Saluki running. As an example of the involvement required - the support personnel have driven approximately 12,000Km in the last five days in support of the Saluki.

Thankfully, the vehicle and support teams are now having a well earned break -- until the next time that the Saluki is released from the Kennel to hunt down some more prey.