An early start to the day as it's effectively a 544.40Km route from the camp through two special stages returning to Dubai. A long and isolated journey with very little viewing points easily accessible

The car, as it is every night, was serviced using Britpart provided parts and was ready to hunt down more prey today. The Team are impressed with the Dunlop provided tyres and their handling in the sand, even the service crew gave the Dunlops the thumbs up on the tyres based on their lack of slippage on the wheels. The gearbox we're glad to say has performed faultlessly throughout the whole event having been shipped into the country courtesy of G.A.C.

On the hunt

Starting the day in 17th place, leaving the bivouac the Saluki travelled 119Km to get to the start line, The first stage is 122.45Km long with only a single PC point to pass, they passed it on a mission and proceeded to complete the first stage. Upon completion of this the Saluki then charged towards the Service point some 102Km into the next stage. Just prior to the service point (102.3Km into the stage), the Dog was busy hunting down a pack of four vehicles ahead of it. It left the service point biting at the heels of one of them, heading for the flying finish of the second stage a further 61Km north.

The Saluki is placed 21st with a day time of 3H 46M 35S and an overall event time of 38H 51M 05S. This is a full 1H 48M 25S ahead of 22nd place. Crossing the finish line DC 2006

The Saluki has taken on one of the toughest races in the world and successfully completed it again where many others have failed to get past day one. Out of 46 vehicles only 27 managed to pass the finish line. The UAE Desert Challenge is certainly a challenge and one that the Saluki is up for.